May 13, 2015

Want to run more?

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Do you lack the motivation to get out and running, or just want to find new ways to challenge your running program. Check these out…

Check out fun runs

One of the ways to get motivation is enrole in a fun run in your area. There are many runs such as the Sri Chinmoy which are from 5k to half marathons and start in different areas of Melbourne. If you are from interstate or overseas they are held in many countries and cities.

Set yourself a goal of 5k and then work up to something that will be a challenge for you. Take you time and work up to the challenge, don’t take on too much  See if you can get other involved and perhaps run as a team.

Talk to your friends

Chat with your friends or coworkers about joining in for a daily, weekly jog around the park. Running with other people with similar goals can be very motivating.

Get the gadgets

Grab your mobile, or check out the gadgets including braclets, heart rate monitors etc. These devices with software will help your progress and keep track of your runs. Nike, MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal etc can all store information about your runs including time, speed and some even track using GPS.

As with all excercise – take it easy when you first start out and slowly raise the bar. If you feel pain, stop.


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